Pamela Rounis


Beach Boys Love You

After seeing the Brian Wilson biopic Love & Mercy we decided to delve deeper in the Beach Boys catalogue. Love You did poorly on the charts but has been praised by critics, much like Pet Sounds was at first. Time proved Pet Sounds to be a masterpiece with fans alike but Love You was never made as popular. 

Pam: Doesn't have nearly the finesse or complexity as Pet Sounds, it feels plodding. The rhyming of lyrics is so facile, it's childlike. There is also something really strange about songs like "I wanna pick you up", which is about babies and not women. The lyric "Pat pat pat pat pat her on her butt butt" is just uncomfortable. I give this 2 out of 5 diapers. 

Phil: It's unusual to hear so many naked synthetic sounds - Electric Piano, Electronic Percussion, Minimoog - on a Beach Boys record. Almost completely a B.W. solo flight aside from the shitty Mike Love track 'Let Us Go On This Way' and a pretty decent Al Jardine joint 'Good Time'. Brian is so raw and unpretentious in his lyrics and vocal takes that it borders on uncomfortable esp. when he's 'making love' to the 'ribbon haired' Lolita in 'Roller Skating Child'. Vocally/Lyrically it's a fine balance between sweet/true/genuine and sloppy/stanky/junk. The track that really stood out for me is the inebriated companion piece to Little Duece Coup - 'Honkin' Down the Highway'. Wilson locks into a Minimoog powered groove over a warbled drunk-driving melange of synth, harpsichord, and lazy guitar meandering - and the opening lyric 'Honkin' honkin' down the GOSH DARN highway' is terrifically tender. The second of two (and there really are only two) must-listen-to oddities is the beautifully addictive 'I'll Bet He's Nice'. The synth lines and sound selections are whimsical perfection, the song structure/chords are freaky, and the vocal layering is sublime. I wish this was a Dream Cars original - V. Inspiring stuff guys.

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Pamela Rounis